About Hamid Reza Razavi

Hamid Reza Razavi

Hamid Reza Razavi is an Iranian-American who moved to the United States in 1979 to pursue his dreams in a free society and he achieved his educational goals in political science. He is highly involved in the local community and is an advocate of human rights and correcting the wrongs of social-economic inequalities.

Razavi has worked and volunteered in numerous organizations. His first job after graduation was at a center serving the mentally challenged as he believed strongly in their goals and mission. He also worked for the City of Houston’s Affirmative Action Division in the Mayor’s office and in the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

Since 1994, Razavi has been the president of Paragon Medical Management, providing administrative and consulting services to healthcare facilities as well as his philanthropic work locally and nationally.

Life Mission

Hamid Reza Razavi’s interest in minority and underprivileged health care equity has become a life mission. In 1994 after studying different communities in Houston, he came up with the idea of developing a “medical home” concept in the Gulfton area of Houston. His dream was to create a medical facility that felt like a second home to immigrants and the medically underserved in the area.

Hamid Reza Razavi presented the idea to other health care entities and with the support and backing of those visionaries, purchased a building at 6400 Hillcroft with the hopes of making it the medical home for the multi-cultural and multi-lingual people in the Gulfton area. Gulfton is also known as the “Ellis Island of Houston”, one of the most densely populated areas of Houston with medically underserved patients. He is now one of the pioneers of the concept of a medical home which is called Hillcroft Physicians Clinic, a one-stop medical facility providing comprehensive primary care for children and adults with X-rays, a pharmacy, laboratory and other services.

“This is a neighborhood of hard-working people who have come here for a better life,” says Razavi. “It’s a thriving population that has tremendous appreciation for what they have and what our country offers. But they sometimes don’t have the means to care for health problems, and it’s not just a financial issue. It’s culture, language… a range of obstacles. We estimate our patients here speak 50 difference languages. That’s where we can help. We provide the services they need all in one place, from pediatricians to elder care, X-rays, and a pharmacy. It’s easy to access and convenient.”

Hamid Reza Razavi has managed the business aspects of the Hillcroft Physicians Clinic for over ten years without any financial compensation and routinely works six days a week pursuing his dream. The medical center he has envisioned and developed is not a typical medical facility. He has established and works as the CEO of Paragon Medical Management since 1994 and continues his philanthropic and community activities

Over two decades, the Hillcroft clinic staff have performed over 700,000 patient visits with excellent results and received the accolades and acknowledgment of other healthcare management operations. Paragon Medical Management, founded by Hamid Reza Razavi continues to provide services to the medical home that is Hillcroft Physicians Clinic.